How to move beyond small talk [podcast]

In a funny scene from the movie, O Brother, Where Art Thou, John Goodman says to George Clooney, “I detect, like me, you’re endowed with the gift of gab.”

For many of us, that gift sparks conversations and opens new relationships. But how do you move beyond small talk?

How to move beyond small talk

In this week’s episode of the Reinventure Me podcast, my co-host, Armin Assadi, and I discuss How to move beyond small talk. Small talk has value in creating new friends and establishing rapport and trust. Sometimes, however, we either over-engage in it or avoid it altogether. In both cases, it can lessen the trust others have in us. And getting beyond it to go deeper can be a challenge. In this episode we share some strategies for how to move beyond small talk into more meaningful conversation.

Listen to this episode if you’d like to take your relationships—both personal and professional—to a deeper level. You’ll find it on the web or on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Comment below: What do you do to move beyond small talk?

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