A BoldIdea: Have the Courage to Take Action

“You’ve got one year to try this and then you’d better go find a real job.” That’s what Sangram Vajre’s wife said to him when he approached her with the idea to quit a steady job and move to a startup. 

A BoldIdea: Have the Courage to Take Action

At the time, Sangram’s wife was at home with their second child, then only four weeks old. She got a job to support them for the year that Sangram tried his hand as the chief marketer for a startup–when he had zero marketing experience. 

Spoiler: Sangram’s startup, Terminus, is still around and still crushing the account based marketing game, a vertical they essentially created on their own. In our latest BoldIdea Podcast interview with Sangram, we explore what it’s like to take a risk like that when you don’t know how it’s going to turn out, how he and his co-founders led the charge in the ABM world, and why he thinks more people need to act on their bold ideas. 

Hear how Sangram is encouraging people to step out in faith in our latest episode 101 Sangram Vajre on the courage to take action.

Comment below: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? How did you summon the courage to take action on it? 

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