Thought for the Day – A. Einstein on Ideas

The only sure way to avoid making mistakes is to have no new ideas.” – Albert Einstein

Have you been through a cerebral detox yet? I have. Several months after I left a corporate job and set out as an entrepreneur, I discovered something very fascinating. All kinds of ideas, new ways of thinking about business, and new possibilities were coming to mind. My neurons were on fire—a feeling I hadn’t had in years. I realized then that instead of being an agent of change in my work environment, I had become a product of it. I knew too well, for instance, what ideas and recommendations would be accepted within the culture of the company. Unconsciously, I allowed my mind to filter out unacceptable ideas until, eventually, I was nurturing a scant few. It took leaving that environment to become aware of my diminished creative vitality. A cerebral detox in the form of a job change to shake off the old constraints was just what I needed.

Your thoughts? When was the last time you experienced a cerebral detox and how did that affect your creativity?

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