Thought for the Day – L. Tolstoy on Change

True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”– Leo Tolstoy

Admittedly, I can be mesmerized by the significant—a towering and majestic mountain, an electrifying thunderstorm, a devastating natural disaster. The remarkable, by definition, demands attention. So too with personal achievement. I lend more attention to the dramatic—becoming an IronMan, doubling my income, starring in a major motion picture—you name it. The dramatic may, however, overshadow the value of incremental change, for no meaningful achievement is possible without it. Over the duration of its flight, a guided missile makes frequent infinitesimal course corrections to reach its target. Like a butterfly effect, those seemingly insignificant changes breathe life into something much bigger. That’s leverage. And it’s the best kind because it’s easier to make a tiny change today than a big one tomorrow.

Your thoughts? What tiny changes could you make today to yield a big difference in your future?

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