Do you think strategically about your dream? [podcast]

Sure, it’s easy enough to have a dream. That thing we hope, someday comes true for us. Every once in awhile we dabble with it, perhaps inspired by some “dream it, do it” saying. But then it gets hard, or we get distracted and the dream—once again—is put back on a shelf until the next wave of inspiration hits.

Do you think strategically about your dream? [podcast]


In this week’s episode of the Reinventure Me podcast, my co-host, Armin Assadi and I discuss three very simple questions we need to ask about our dreams:

  1. How important it is? This is the reason we pick it up.
  2. How hard is it? This is reason we put it down.
  3. Who cares? This is the reason we are made for it.

These three questions form the basis of thinking—and acting—strategically on our dream.

We explain each of these in the How to dream strategically podcast. Take a listen, then comment on this post or the show notes and let us know your thoughts. Or, for fun, call our show line (612.314.5447) and leave us a message.

What other questions do you ask to get strategic about your dream?

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