How to get unstuck and help others get unstuck [podcast]

I prefer to be overwhelmed than stuck. At least when I’m overwhelmed I know the direction I’m pushing the ball. When I’m stuck, everything comes into question. And everything gets very personal.

How to get unstuck and help others get unstuck


In this week’s episode of the Reinventure Me podcast, my co-host Armin Assadi and I talk about how to get unstuck. If you’re feeling stuck right now, our discussion may encourage you. You’re not alone, nor are you defective. Everyone goes through these times. When stuck, it’s helpful to run a few diagnostics on your life. We suggest looking at four things: your physical condition, your environment, your mental condition, and your personal vision.

The episode show notes has a link to the podcast and a summary of our discussion. Or give the episode a listen on your mobile device through iTunes and Stitcher Radio as well.

What things have helped you get unstuck?

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