How to tell someone their idea is stupid [podcast]

Boy, I’ve seen some doozies. I’m sure you have too. Those embarrassingly stupid ideas that make you wonder if it’s just a joke. Then you realize, they seriously intend to do that thing.

What do you say then? How do you tell someone one their idea is stupid?

How to tell someone their idea is stupid [podcast]

That’s the question Armin Assadi and I discuss in our latest episode of the Reinventure Me podcast. As entrepreneurs we’ve both seen our share of stupid ideas and hatched more than our share as well. What true about junk is also true stupid ideas. One man’s stupid idea, may also become someone’s treasure.

Join Armin and I as we discuss stupid ideas on our latest show, How to tell someone their idea is stupid. You can find this episode on the web or on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

What are some of the techniques you’ve used to talk to someone about a stupid idea?

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