Favorable conditions are overrated

Favorable conditions are overrated.

Naturally, we want things to come to us easily. As babies we cried out for food and comfort; and we received them. As adults, we’ve only grown more sophisticated in the ways we pursue comfort. One of them is to defer action until we have absolute certainty of success.


King Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, reminds us that waiting for the most favorable conditions to pursue our dream is certain failure. A sower concerned that the wind will lessen his yield will never act. And one concerned about the rain will never harvest.

Today is the day God has given you breath and strength to act on your dream. What are you waiting for? Favorable conditions?

Think of something important that you’d like to accomplish. What is the one thing that’s keeping you from taking the next step? Express your commitment to overcome it by leaving a comment below.

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