Why your faith matters at work [podcast]

Forget those “No Fear” t-shirts.

I have yet to meet someone without a dose of fear—especially in the business world. When we enter that arena, our faith is desperately needed… for ourselves and for those we lead.

Why your faith matters at work

In this week’s episode of the Reinventure Me podcast, my co-host, Armin Assadi, and I talk to Larry Julian, the best-selling author of God is My CEO. Larry tells us Why your faith matters at work and some of the insight he’s gained from his research of hundreds of business leaders.

If you find yourself grappling with fear, or uncertain that you can even make a difference in the business world, give this episode a listen. You’ll be encouraged by what Larry has to say about why your faith matters. Find this episode on the web or on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Comment below: What are some of the things you’ve learned about taking your faith into the workplace?

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