Introducing the BoldIdea podcast

A new podcast is born. The BoldIdea® Podcast is now live.

After months of planning and preparation, Armin Assadi and I have launched our new podcast.

We developed the BoldIdea podcast to inspire and equip you to pursue a bold idea that God may have planted within you. We believe God meant for us to be explorers, hunting for the treasures that He has hidden within us and the BoldIdea podcast is fuel for the hunt.

Episodes will appear in iTunes and Stitcher weekly, but since this is launch week, we’re adding a couple more shows. In addition to today’s episode, on Wednesday we’ll be interviewing movie producer and screenwriter, Steven Kendrick. Then on Friday of this week, we’ll be speaking with media promoter and producer of the #1 rated faith-based radio program, Joe Battaglia.

I hope you take a moment to listen to one of our episode and check out the great line-up of other speakers we have at If you do, please drop a note in the comments section or review us to let us know what you think.

To unleashing your bold idea in 2017,

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