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If you lead a business or a workgroup, I want to invite you to an exciting new workshop I’ll be leading in Minneapolis on September 15th. It’s called the Create to Lead workshop and I believe it could be truly transformational in how you lead your business.

The Create to Lead Workshop

As a venture coach, it’s my desire to help you succeed in leading your business or workgroup. And I fundamentally believe that creativity is one of the most vital ingredients we must have to lead well.

But, it’s also one of the most endangered.

That’s because creating is much, much different than problem solving. Problem solving is a response to circumstances. Creating is an intentional act of design. They require entirely different approaches. Yet, most of us leading businesses (whether in an established company, as a entrepreneur, or as a sole-practitioner) spends the vast majority of our time solving problems.

And like the proverbial frog in the boiling kettle, with all the persistent challenges we face, we don’t realize how acclimated we’ve become to managing reactively. Soon, we’ve lost sight of where we’re headed and it’s so much easier to just keep trying to improve upon what we’ve already done than to step back and take stock of what we really want to create with our business or our career.

Enter the Create to Lead Workshop. Think of it as a “creative thinking bootcamp” for leading your business. In one day, you’ll get some practical tools to help you escape reactive mode and engage more consistently in creative and strategic thinking. Here’s my video describing the workshop:

If you felt stuck in reactive mode and not sure how to get out, this day could literally transform the way you lead your business. Take a moment to review the website and consider joining me on Friday, September 15th at the Minnesota Valley Country Club in Bloomington, MN.

To your creative best,

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