Dream Assassin #1: Fear

As a service to my fellow brothers and sisters desiring to live out their calling to make this world a better place, I’m issuing a series of Public Service Announcements. There are dream assassins on the loose and today’s PSA is to be on the alert for Most Unwanted #1: Fear.


Public Service Announcement

This fugitive is a serious threat to your dream. Use every precaution. They should be considered armed and dangerous.
Do not call the inability to start laziness. Call it fear.” Julie Cameron

Physical description:
  • Causes failure to start on your dream or outright abandonment.
  • Challenges anything that creates discomfort, like experimentation, risk, or personal change. Prefers you stay with the devil you know.
  • Incapacitates action. Demands absolute certainty before making decisions.
  • Suppresses longings.
  • Fosters chronic anxiety.
  • Prone to excite disproportionate anger and unwarranted defensiveness.
  • Incompatible with joy. Thankless.
Aliases: Also goes by Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Paranoia

Precautions: If you know the whereabouts of this Dream Assassin, take the necessary precautions. Fear is highly contagious. Take extra doses of gratitude as a preventative measure. Memorize Isaiah 41:10.

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Have you seen this Dream Assassin masquerading today?

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