Dream Assassin #2: Envy

This is a second in a series of five Public Service Announcements issued to warn against Dream Assassins seeking to put an end to your God-inspired aspirations. The first of the Most Unwanted was Fear. Today’s PSA concerns it’s accomplice: Envy.


Public Service Announcement

This fugitive is a serious threat to your dream. Use every precaution. Envy should be considered armed and dangerous.
Envy is so pervasive among the human race that in the Ten Commandments, under the name ‘covetousness,’ God forbade it seven times.” Michael Novak
Physical description:
  • Always compares your shortcomings with another’s successes.
  • Steals confidence. Calls us to question our own ability.
  • Fosters discouragement and remorse for past decisions or inactivity.
  • Critical of, and potentially angry with, other’s successes. Unable to rejoice with those who rejoice.
  • Insular and callous to learning from others who have experienced success.
Aliases: Also goes by Jealousy, One-up-man-ship, Discontent

Precautions: If you know the whereabouts of this Dream Assassin, take the necessary precautions. Envy robs your unique advantage. When envy creeps up, take note of what beckons it forth, and choose the path of student rather than critic.

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What are some other characteristics of this Dream Assassin?
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