Is fear keeping you from quitting?

Are you a good quitter?

Are you a good quitter?


It’s likely there are some pursuits you should be quitting:

  • Those you’ve outgrown as evidenced by your discontent.
  • Those that are better done by others, who can’t or won’t because you’re doing it.
  • Those that keep you from investing your time in more important pursuits.

We’re so biased in our culture to keep going no matter the cost. From fiery sermons and motivational success posters, we’re inspired to overcome every challenge that comes our way. We call that perseverance. When the pursuit is noble, when it reflects the call of God on our lives, that’s exactly what it is. Often, however, the pursuit is much less; and, in fact, distracts us from the noble pursuit. Then it’s merely obstinance borne out of fear.

Fear keeps us from quitting, even these lesser pursuits. Quitting is synonymous with failure. And rather than wear a scarlet Q on our chest, we keep on keeping on, out of obligation. How can I quit when others are counting on me? we ask ourselves.

But are they? Are others best served when we live a smaller life? When fear keeps us from confessing we’ve gone down the wrong path, or that it’s time to move on?

When you’re concerned more about losing face than losing sight of God’s vision for your life, you’ve fallen prey to obstinance, and it’s time to become a good quitter.

What lesser pursuits have you had to quit?

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